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RS3 Strategic Hospitality

Our Promise

+1 Service Leads Us

We strive to operate above and beyond expectations, which we call +1 service. Using this as our foundation, we train our staff to make decisions that are in the best interests of our guests. From venue storefronts to premium culinary offerings in our luxury suites and catering areas, our commitment to create memorable experiences for all our guests remains constant. Our approach is actually quite simple, we pride ourselves on doing things the right way because providing service is assumed, and going further is expected.

Our Wealth of

Industry Experience

Our seasoned veterans have led operations at baseball stadiums, major colleges and universities, soccer stadiums, football stadiums, NFL Super Bowls, NCAA Bowl Games, MLB World Series, high-profile concerts, music festivals, and premium restaurants around the country. Our culinary leadership have catered galas for multiple United States Presidents, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and the Dalai Lama himself.

Collectively, we have 200-plus years of high-profile, high-volume food and beverage management expertise to bring forward improved business practices, cutting-edge innovation, creative menu development, and performance fulfillment to result in both exponentially better fan experiences and financial reward.

The collective résumés of

our core leadership

The program implemented by RS3, designed for speed of service, value offerings, keen branding, and delivery of their ‘+1’ attitude on service, was instrumental in our year-over-year per capita growth.

 Jeff Savage, President, Sacramento River Cats

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